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Health & Safety Procedures

Procedures formalise the actions necessary within  a work activity that will ensure H&S and tend to be written in the order that the actions are likely to be carried out.  Procedures formalise and bind arrangements in place.  If things need to be done in a particular way the procedure would help to ensure that it is done   Procedures should set clear standards of performance and apply to:

  • People selection, training and supervision
  • Equipment and substances- purchase, supply, transport , storage and use
  • Products and services – design, delivery, transport and storage
  • Environmental and pace of work control
  • Management actions and the way work is done

Here at TWFNE we will assist you in developing and formalising your H&S procedures that adhere to both current legislation and compliment the type of business that you run.  Our experienced consultants will design and formalise these procedures so that they become a central part of your H&S management system.

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