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Health and Safety Management

Here at The way forward we have a strong belief that addressing H&S should not be seen as a regulatory burden to our clients, in fact quite the opposite.  We believe that it offers significant opportunities. Benefits can include:

  • reduced costs;
  • reduced risks;
  • lower employee absence and turnover rates;
  • fewer accidents;
  • lessened threat of legal action;
  • improved standing among suppliers and partners;
  • better reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and communities;
  • increased productivity, because employees are healthier, happier and better motivated.

The successful implementation of a H&S management system is central to achieving these goals.  Our experienced and friendly H&S consultant can arrange a no obligation visit to your workplace and discuss your requirements with you as to the best way of implementing a H&S management system tailored to your business requirements.  A typical health and safety management system should incorporate the following elements;

  • Policy
  • Organisation
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Measuring performance
  • Auditing Process
  • Review Process

We have over 25 years experience of  assisting company’s including global organisations in developing and maintaining their systems,  so give us a call at The Way Forward North East to find out how we can assist you with the development and support of your Health and safety management system

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